16. October 2017

ILO asked to end conflict of interest

Press release: Responding to mounting pressure, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has to consider severing ties with the tobacco industry.
4. October 2017

Tobacco workers to ILO: Quit tobacco industry

In an open letter to members of the International Labour Organisation's Governing Body, tobacco workers demand that the ILO stops its cooperation with the tobacco industry.
14. September 2017

123 health groups to PMI: Stop selling cigarettes (press release)

123 organizations from around the globe publish an open letter to Philip Morris International (PMI) demanding that they immediately cease the production, marketing and sale of cigarettes.

Open Letter from 123 health groups to PMI

Open letter signed by 123 health groups demands that Philip Morris International stops selling cigarettes immediately.
7. September 2017

Tobacco and Education: SDG-Factsheet No. 3 published

On the occasion of the International Literacy Day, we publish our third SDG-Factsheet and focus on Sustainable Development Goal 4 ("Quality Education for All").