15. November 2019

Cigarette corporation blamed for child labour

British human rights lawyers bring a case against BAT and say that the corporation is responsible for child labour in its supply chain.
25. June 2019

Children have a Right to a Tobacco-free World

Our new factsheet shows how children's rights are violated by tobacco use and tobacco cultivation.
5. May 2019

Win a ticket to see Tom Hiddleston in Betrayal on May 27th!

What you can win: A ticket to see Tom Hiddleston, Charly Cox and Zawe Ashton in Betrayal at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London on 27 May 2019. The show is sold out and the ticket is worth more than £100.
25. January 2019

Cigarettes endanger forests

Our new factsheet shows how tobacco growing, cigarette manufacturing and cigarette butts are affecting forests worldwide.
17. December 2018

Price of Tobacco: Ruined Nature

What does tobacco do to the environment? A new study shows: deforestation, pesticides in the soil, nicotine in waters. Read here how tobacco ruins our nature.