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Tobacco funded ITIC attacking SEATCA

Currently, the International Tax and Investment Center (ITIC) is holding its 13th Annual Asia-Pacific Tax Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia. Civil society organisations working in the area of tobacco control have shown since years the close links between ITIC and the tobacco industry. Now ITIC employed a lawyer to intimidate the reputable Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance SEATCA with a letter full of false accusations and misinformation.

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Philip Morris vs Uruguay

Philip Morris Inc. demands compensation from Uruguay totalling US$ 25 million and appealed to an international court of arbitration.

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The poor produce for the poor: Bidis

Omnipresent and much cheaper than normal cigarettes, bidis belong to the daily scenerie in India, Bangladesh and some other countries. These “poor man’s cigarettes” are produced by the poorest of the poor.


Too far away? – Act now!

Now you can show, that the exploitation of people and the destruction of natural resources do not leave you indifferent, no matter where in the world.

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