25. January 2019

Cigarettes endanger forests

Our new factsheet shows how tobacco growing, cigarette manufacturing and cigarette butts are affecting forests worldwide.
17. December 2018

Price of Tobacco: Ruined Nature

What does tobacco do to the environment? A new study shows: deforestation, pesticides in the soil, nicotine in waters. Read here how tobacco ruins our nature.
12. November 2018

Unfairtobacco shortlisted for EU Health Award

We feel very honoured to have been nominated for the EU Health Award 2018 by the EU Commission. Today, we participated in the award ceremony in Brussels, together with ten other organisations.
31. October 2018

Open letter to ILO Governing Body

Today, more than 110 civil society organisations request the ILO Governing Body to no longer accept funding from tobacco industry. Read their open letter here.
29. September 2018

Poison for waterbodies: nicotine and pesticides

Our new factsheet shows the impact of tobacco growing, cigarette manufacturing and cigarette butts on water, waterbodies and oceans.